[freekeenenews] Drug Prohibition Leads to Keene Teen ’s Murder


A young man was stabbed to death last night in Keene. According to a local who was an acquaintance of the victim, the Keene Sentinel is not accurate in its reporting of this case. They are claiming the victim intervened in a fight and was killed for it, but that’s not what I heard today…

As soon as I saw the headline, I guessed it was drug related, but wanted to wait rather than speculate. Now it is confirmed by an anonymous source who knew the victim:

17-year-old Craig Metivier was allegedly murdered over $50 worth of cocaine.

The story from the anonymous source is that Craig was given $50 by another young man, Ethan Wilson, with the instruction that it was to be used to purchase some coke. As is common in the black market, especially in the hard drug black market, Craig allegedly never returned with the coke or the money. At some point the two met again and a fight ensued wherein Metivier was stabbed to death, allegedly at the hands of Wilson, who was apparently arrested by police early this morning.

Sad, isn’t it? The worst part is, Metivier would still be alive today if we did not have drug prohibition. Drug buyers would be able to buy their product at the drug store, and it would be available at a much lower price than in the black market. Don’t believe me? Go ask Law Enforcement Against Prohibition‘s Rick Van Wickler – he’s the superintendent of the Cheshire jail, and he knows the truth about prohibition.

End prohibition now, before more people have their lives ruined by an arrest and conviction, or worse get physically harmed or killed in a drug deal gone bad.

To talk about ending drug prohibition, please contact me. I would be happy to comment, as this is my pet issue, or I can get you in touch with Rick Van Wickler of LEAP,

Ian Freeman
Blogger, FreeKeene.com