Western Representation PAC - Sneak peak at our NH radio ad

 Dear Patriot, 

Recognizing their state's need to get its citizens back to work, the New Hampshire legislature passed vital right-to-work legislation with over two-thirds majorities! This would have made it illegal to require a worker to join a union as a condition of employment, reducing the cost of doing business and, more importantly, protecting the fundamental right of workers to choose with whom they will associate. This legislation would have been a shot in the arm of the New Hampshire economy, but the state's liberal governor, who owes his office to corrupt unions, did their bidding and vetoed it!

As we've talked to local tea party groups and conservative activists, they've asked us to support their efforts to force an override of this veto. The Senate has already voted to override, and now the state's House of Representatives is just a few votes shy of doing the same. This is where we can make a difference! We have produced a radio ad to air in targeted districts in the state, encouraging voters to call their representatives and pressure them to override the governor's veto and give New Hampshire the economic boost it needs with right-to-work legislation!

You can listen to our brand new ad --HERE-- 

And this is where you can make a difference. Exactly how much pressure we can place on these legislators with these radio ads is directly related to how much we are able to raise. With your help, we can let the politicians know that we are watching and, hopefully, convince them to side with the people against the corrupt unions in their state. You can give us the opportunity to make this happen by making a generous donation ---HERE--


Bryan Shroyer, Executive Director 

Western Representation PAC

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