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Tuesday, July 5: Huntsman, Romney
What's on NH TV
WMUR reports on Romney's flip-flop on his central campaign message

WMUR reports on Romney's flip-flop on his central campaign message

David Paleologos, director of Suffolk's Political Research Center on NECN

David Paleologos, director of Suffolk's Political Research Center, talks polling on NECN

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@GraniteStateProf: @FHQ Now, fair to say Huntsman intends to contest both NH and FL. But I am skeptical he can perform poorly here and do well there. 
Our first First in the Nation News!

This is the first edition of a weekly newsletter. Each week, we'll bring you the "Cliffs Notes" on how the presidential primary is being covered in the Granite State, as well as other issues that are top of the news in New Hampshire.

This Week's NH #FITN News & Headlines

Concord Monitor: "When presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Lincoln Financial last Monday, he emphasized his belief that only the private sector growth will pull the nation out of recession. But the venue, packed with about 200 employees, underscored the former Massachusetts' governor's complicated stance on bank bailouts."

WMUR Political Scoop: "This is just Romney's fourth visit to the state since he became a candidate. During those visits he has held just one town hall meeting. He has only been to Iowa once...The slower pace is intentional by Romney, as it is his campaign strategy to just slowly bop along as the unchallenged frontrunner not wanting things to heat up."

Union Leader editorial: Primary politics: Unity is necessary

Concord Monitor: Will Roy Moore campaign in NH?  
Boston Globe: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney yesterday stood by his previous comment that President Obama had made the recession worse. The tenet has been a central platform of Romney's campaign even as independent fact-checking organizations criticized it. While Romney last week seemed to backtrack from the comments, he repeated them yesterday at Independence Day appearances in New Hampshire." 


State News & Views


Union Leader: Lynch vetoes bill requiring photo ID at polls

Union Leader: In Afghanistan, Granite State bears heavy toll 

Concord Monitor editorial: We could, but we won't, care for the needy

NHInsiderSpeaker Boehner hosts Guinta fundraiser in Bedford


New Hampshire Democrats Respond

Daily Caller
Democrats rip Romney on job creation  
Press Release: Bachmann Fits Right in With Extreme NH GOP Legislators