American Principles Project - Dow Jones Newswires cover gold standard movement

The Dow Jones Newswires recently reported on the growing prominence of gold convertability among US lawmakers as a possible solution to the heightened uncertainty in the currency markets and the increased inflation rates brought on by current monetary policy.  The article also examined ongoing grassroots movements pushing for recognition of a gold standard, including our own Gold Standard 2012 Project.  An excerpt of the Fox News reprint with a link to the full article is below. 

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Nicholas Arnold

American Principles in Action


Gold Gains Luster As Issue For Politicians Amid Economic Unrest

By Michael R. Crittenden

Published July 01, 2011 

| Dow Jones Newswires

-- Gold becoming a more popular talking point among some politicians amid economic uncertainty and skepticism of U.S. monetary policy

-- Most mainstream economists warn against return to gold standard, but some groups want to push issue in next year's elections

-- Gold has made inroads among some politicians, becoming the subject of hearings and legislation

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- The debate about the economy is beginning to show gilded edges as politicians mining voter uncertainty and skepticism about the nation's fiscal position are forcing gold back into the policy discussion.

The precious metal has bubbled up on a number of fronts in recent weeks, both on Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail. A trio of GOP senators this week introduced a bill aimed at making it easier to use gold coins, and a House panel recently held a hearing on "investigating the gold" to examine U.S.-held gold at Fort Knox and elsewhere.

In Iowa, meanwhile, the group behind a grass-roots "Gold Standard 2012" campaign is partnering with the Iowa tea party to promote a bus tour that is scheduled to feature appearances by a number of Republican presidential contenders.

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