NHDP - Romney Advocates Return to Out of Control Wall Street

Romney Advocates Deregulating Wall Street and a Return to the Out of Control Financial Sector That Got Us Into This Mess

Concord, NH - Mitt Romney speaking in New Hampshire yesterday advocated a return to the unregulated and out of control Wall Street that got us into this economic mess.

According to the Boston Globe, "Romney yesterday targeted Wall Street reform legislation, which enacted consumer protections, reformed some derivatives trading, and imposed new regulations on mortgage lenders and hedge funds. 'The bill dramatically added to the regulation burden of the financial industry, so bankers and people in financial services pull back,' Romney said."

But when pressed to explain why he disliked the Wall Street reform bill Romney was clueless: "when asked which parts of it he opposed, he would not be specific. 'It's 2,000 pages. I'm sure there's something in there that's good,' Romney said. 'I'd be happy to take a look at it perhaps line by line at some point and lay out the provisions that I think are unfortunate.'"

"Mitt Romney wants to double down on the failed policies that got us into the recession - and advocates that position without even knowing the facts," said Holly Shulman, communications director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "It's been over two years since the financial crisis which cost Americans 8 million jobs. That Mitt Romney is criticizing Wall Street reform which will increase transparency in financial dealings, give consumers the strongest protections ever and put an end to taxpayer bailsouts for good, shows just how out of touch Mitt Romney is with Granite Staters."