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Dear Friend,

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend and let me start by saying thank you, thank you, thank you! I am extremely pleased to report that we raised over $303,000 in the second fundraising quarter of this year. This is far and away our best fundraising quarter in the last two years and a heartfelt thank you to all who made this possible!

As you know, Ann McLane Kuster announced that she is running again and we will defeat her once again with your continued support.

As we continue to establish our campaign for 2012, I am taking nothing for granted and promise you that no one will work harder than myself, but I will need your help to win.

Please visit today and let us know how you would like to help.

I hope you are enjoying the summer and look forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail soon!

On the trail...

It was a grand and glorious Fourth of July, and I was pleased to spend part of the day in Amherst celebrating America’s Independence. A great parade around the town green – it was good to see so many friends along the way. Check out some of my pictures on Facebook.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Series Class of 2011! I regret that I was unable to attend this year’s graduation luncheon as I was in Washington, but heard a good time was had by all. A special thanks to graduate Ivey Jones who read my letter of greetings.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with participants in the Vesta Roy Series in Washington and provided them with a tour of the Capitol. I proudly thought that perhaps I was providing them with the highlight of their trip to Washington only to learn later they were featured in a Washington Post blog – now that’s a highlight!

Vesta Roy, the first woman to ever serve as Governor of New Hampshire, was a true public servant who still inspires us today. The Vesta Roy Series is a political leadership training program for Republican women interested in public service and politics. Again, congratulations graduates! Be proud of what you have accomplished and thank you for all you will do in the future.

From the Papers...

Thanks to Representative Frank Sterling of Jaffrey for the kind words in his letter to the editor in the Keene Sentinel on June 19. Here’s a bit of what he wrote...

“Over the past few years, the media has reported on growing protests at military funerals.

This is an absolute disgrace. These brave men and women died defending our country and the freedom it stands for. They deserve to be laid to eternal rest in peace. Their families deserve a chance to mourn their loss without the presence of these hate-filled protestors. They should not be disturbed. Charlie Bass saw this injustice and said “enough is enough”.

By introducing the Sanctity for Eternal Rest for Veterans Act, Charlie Bass is standing with the military and their families. This law would limit these disruptive protests and force protesters further from funeral sites, allowing the ceremony to take place in peace. Thank you Charlie, for standing up for our military families.”

Few things are as powerful as a letter in the newspaper showing support for the work I am doing both in New Hampshire and Washington. Please consider sending a letter to the newspapers in your area backing our fight against big government and big spending.

If you need assistance with how best to submit your letter, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Blais at and he will be happy to help.


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