Fred Karger For President - National Organization for Marriage Under Investigation


NOM Skating on Thin Ice

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by Fred Karger

Fred Karger, seeking the Republican nomination for president, is the first openly gay candidate of a major party to do so.

Poor Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown; what a sad couple. The front group they run for the Mormon and Catholic Churches, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), is under an active investigation for money laundering in Maine. This investigation by the State Attorney General and the Maine Ethics Commission has been underway for nearly two years, because NOM likely believes that it is above the law.

Well, one or both of these alleged lawbreakers could end up in prison if there was “intent” when they decided not to report the source of the $1.9 million that they raised to take away Maine’s marriage equality law back in November 2009.

You see, they decided not to report the names of any of their donors as required under Maine’s election law. That must be because they promised their contributors that their names would be kept “secret” in dozens of emails that I turned over to that state’s Ethics Commission.

Maggie and Brian got caught after I filed a sworn complaint against them, and the Maine Ethics Commission voted to investigate NOM on October 1, 2009. Maggie and Brian then sued the State of Maine to stop its investigation. They also sued Maine to get its election law declared unconstitutional.

New York Threats

Maggie and Brian are now threatening to spend $2 million to defeat the four Republican State Senators in New York who absolutely did the right thing and voted for gay marriage just 10 days ago. Wonder if they plan on laundering that money, too?

NOM has sued 23 states to invalidate their election laws so they can bully anyone who goes against them, and they do it with secret money.

Well, Maggie and Brian, I am watching. I will not hesitate to file state and federal complaints against you, just like I did against the Mormon Church in California. You may recall that my sworn complaint after Proposition 8 passed there, led to the prosecution, investigation, fine and guilty finding on 13 counts of election fraud by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). They better be careful, too. Lots of people are watching their political activities these days.

Maggie and Brian, you lost in New York, Washington, DC, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The tide has turned against you and your secret backers. The public has turned on you, too. Polls show a majority of Americans support marriage equality and the support keeps growing.

So before the ice breaks beneath you two, if you’re so concerned about marriage, why don’t you tackle the growing divorce rate, and leave happy gay and lesbian couples alone?

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