CEI Weekly: Big Labor Alliance with Democrats in Jeopardy


Feature: Democrats are being forced to choose between balancing budgets and appeasing union leaders.

FEATURED STORY: Big Labor Alliance with Democrats in Jeopardy


In states across America, Democratic leaders are being forced to re-evaluate their close relationship with powerful union lobbyists. Taxpayers are holding politicians accountable for broken state budgets now more than ever; and Democrats are realizing that they can't seriously address their constituents' economic concerns if they're continuing to give political gifts to Big Labor. In this month's Labor Watch, Ivan Osorio and Trey Kovacs examine the causes and consequences of the disintegrating friendship between leftist lawmakers and powerful unions. Read the study here (PDF).




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July 7, 2011: How Much Does Regulation Cost 


One federal government study says federal regulations cost $1.75 trillion. Another says it’s $62 billion. The difference is almost a factor of 30. Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews compares the two, and talks about the hazards of calculating regulatory costs and benefits. As it turns out, $1.75 trillion might be an understatement.