NHGOP Chair Responds to June Unemployment Numbers

CONCORD- Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party released the following statement regarding June's unemployment numbers.

“Today’s jobs report only highlights President Obama’s failure to lead on the economy.  The unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent since Obama took office and he continues to be in denial that his job-crushing policies and reckless spending are hurting American families and crippling future generations with enormous debt.”

President Obama’s solution of “tax and spend now” is not a plan but a recipe for disaster that will delay growth, recovery and job creation.  We can’t afford one more year, let alone four more years of Obama’s failed policies.  It is clear we must change direction and elect a Republican who will turn our economy around.”  
Click here to listen to Chairman Kimball on the Jeff Katz Show talking about the RNC ad "Change Direction" emphasizing President Obama's failure to lead on the economy.