New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on Democrats' Victory in Tonight's Special Election

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on Democratic candidate Bob Perry's victory in the Strafford County District Three special election tonight.


"Bob Perry's victory tonight is a complete and total rejection of Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien's reckless job killing agenda.  In a historically Republican district, New Hampshire voters turned out in the middle of summer to send a loud and clear message to the out of control Republican majority. Its relentless attempts to make cigarettes cheaper but college more expensive, slash women's health care, and kill jobs by taxing hospitals must stop immediately.  


"New Hampshire voters have seen enough of the radical Free State agenda this year with bills that would allow guns in schools and courts, would remove support for our United States' Constitution out of the oath of office, and would eliminate public kindergarten.


"Tonight's special election is a clear rejection of the out of touch GOP agenda that puts corporations first and Granite Staters last."