Huntsman Campaign Adds Fundraising Power

Orlando - Jon Huntsman for President today announced the addition of Ambassador Charles "Butch" Swindells and Ron Gidwitz to the National Finance Team.

"Jon Huntsman is the principled, serious leader that America needs," said Ambassador Swindells. "He is the only candidate with a proven track record of creating jobs - in business and as governor - and the only candidate with hands-on foreign policy experience who can restore America's stature on the world stage. I look forward to spreading his vision to voters across the nation."

"As a former business executive, Gov. Huntsman understands markets and how to create an environment that encourages growth," said Gidwitz. "Under his leadership, Utah ranked number one in the nation in job creation, and his calls for tax and regulatory reform will work for America as well."

"I am humbled to gain the support of such respected businessmen and community leaders," said Governor Huntsman. "Butch and Ron will be tremendous assets to our campaign, and help spread our message and vision to voters."

Ambassador Charles "Butch" Swindells is a 40-year professional in the investment and wealth management industry, and a former United States Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa under President George W. Bush. He is currently a Senior Consultant with Bessemer Trust, and previously served as an advisor to Evercore Wealth Management. In 2008, he served as co-chair of Mitt Romney's campaign in Oregon.

Ron Gidwitz is a co-founder of GCG Partners, a strategic consulting and equity capital firm. He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Helene Curtis, a Fortune 500 consumer products company. He is former Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education. In 2008, he served as Finance Chair of Rudy Giuliani's campaign in Illinois.