- COMMENTARY: Unions go all in, lose big

By Kevin Binversie

Thirty million dollars doesn’t buy what it used to.

After months of campaigning, weeks of television ads and a fabricated grassroots effort never before seen in state political history, all Democrats in Wisconsin are left with is being now one seat shy of having the majority in the state Senate after winning two of the three recall elections Tuesday. If there is moral victory for Democrats, it is hard find.

The goal was control of the state Senate, and they didn’t get it. Last night was the main event, and no amount of political spin can say the efforts of Wisconsin Democrats weren’t from a lack of resources.

Of the two state Senate seats the Democrats did capture, they were the easy ones to predict. La Crosse’s Dan Kapanke was in trouble from the moment the recall movement began by simply being a Republican in a Democratic district. Fond du Lac’s Randy Hopper was bogged down by the implosion of his personal life that became public knowledge, yet he scratched and clawed back to a two-point loss.

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to meet a political consultant who believes little old ladies who go to church every Sunday are going to vote for any politician they believe abandoned his wife for a younger woman.