CEI Weekly: Government Car Regulations Kill

Friday, August 12, 2011



Feature: Government Car Regulations Kill

FEATURED STORY: Government Car Regulations Kill


For the last 30 years, government regulations have forced cars to be smaller and lighter. Smaller and lighter cars, compared to similarly designed larger and heavier cars, do worse in auto collisions. General Counsel Sam Kazman appeared on Fox Business to talk with John Stossel about this devastating phenomenon. Watch the interview here.





The Regulatory Recession

Fred L. Smith, Jr. in Townhall


Obama's War on Coal

William Yeatman in The New York Post


Euro Crisis No Excuse for Dismal US Growth

John Berlau in The National Review Online


The S&P Downgrade VS. Katy Perry

Wayne Crews in Forbes


The War on Lemonade

Iain Murray & Ryan Young in Townhall


Cutting Bureaucracy

Iain Murray on WMAL Morning Majority


The Big Repeal

Ryan Young & Jacqueline Otto in The American Spectator


Blame Government, Not BGE, for Turning Off the AC

William Yeatman in The Baltimore Sun









August 11, 2011: Lemonade Freedom Day


Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray talks about the rash of children’s lemonade stands being shut down by police, and his plans to celebrate Lemonade Freedom Day on August 20. Started by Robert Fernandes, families across the country will set up lemonade stands in their neighborhoods without going through the permits and inspections that many towns now require.