AUL's Yoest called pro-life movement's effective and "kinder, gentler" face in national profile

 IN THIS ISSUE: Christian Science Monitor profiles Dr. Charmaine Yoest in a national piece hitting newsstands this weekend. 

 “PRO-LIFE’S kinder, gentler face”


“A Less Confrontational, more pragmatic force is behind a record number of anti-abortion laws and
pro-choice’s ‘bad year’”

In a national profile piece in the Christian Science Monitor magazine that will hit newsstands over the weekend, reporter Jennifer Skalka detailed the life and influences of Americans United for Life president and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest, calling her “the changing face of the anti-abortion movement.”

After spending more than a month talking with Dr. Yoest and a number of other national leaders, intellectuals and activists, Skalka noted Dr. Yoest’s growing impact.

“With an easy laugh and ample charm, Charmaine Yoest doesn’t at all appear to be Public Enemy No. 1 for the pro-abortion rights community. But the foundation of her rising influence – the accessibility of her approach – becomes clear when she settles in for an unexpectedly frank conversation about the stunning 2011 antiabortion legislative juggernaut that she helped orchestrate.

“This mother of five – who is not a physician, attorney or lawmaker – has set the stage for sweeping anti-abortion victories at the state level on the strength of her seeming candor, warmth, and camera-ready smile.”

Dr. Yoest’s thoughtful style makes it hard for abortion activists to attack her, noted the reporter.

“ …Perhaps it’s why, time and time again, when asked for direct reflection on AUL or Yoest, her foes prefer to deflect to a discussion of the ways her group’s legislation fits into a larger effort to restrict the reproductive health freedoms of the nation’s women.”

 “I think AUL has become the premier pro-life organization in the country,” says former presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The piece notes: “So far this year, AUL and other like-minded groups have caught their adversaries flat-footed; some 22 states have enacted a record 86 new measures in 2011, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which studies sexual and reproductive health and supports abortion rights.”

“You don’t have to overturn Roe to actually make progress at the state level,” Dr. Yoest told the reporter. “One option is to let Roe ‘crumble under its own weight and become irrelevant.’”

In looking at her family, history, education and faith, the piece concludes that Dr. Yoest’s intellectual approach to pro-life victories is fueled by her values.

“You either believe it’s a life or you don’t,” she says. “The intellectual underpinnings really do matter. And they matter for our culture. If you can’t draw the lines, you lose your bearings. You lose true north if you can’t defend innocent human life.”

The article is available in the Christian Science Monitor on sale at newsstands, and can be seen online here.

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