KeepConservativesUnited - New independent campaign named "Keep Conservatives United" - aiming to even playing field for Bachmann


Keep Conservatives United Aiming To Even Playing Field For Bachmann 

Will Expose Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Record
Congresswoman Bachmann The Honest Conservative 

Friday, August 12, 2011

A new independent campaign named Keep Conservatives United is supporting Michele Bachmann for President and plans to help even the playing field for Bachmann against Mitt Romney and newly minted candidate Rick Perry.

Both Romney and Perry already have independent campaigns raising unlimited funds for them. Until now, Bachmann hasn’t.

A recent PPP poll found Bachmann holds a one Polling analysis: Rick Perry candidacy poses greatest threat to Michele Bachmann | Texas on the Potomac | a blog point lead over Romney but is threatened if Perry divides conservatives.

As a spoiler, Perry can allow Romney to beat a divided conservative field and present a mixed message of support for government run healthcare against Obama.

Keep Conservatives United will stop Rick Perry from dividing conservatives by exposing his record beginning with a web ad about Perry attacking George Bush for big spending as Governor of Texas while Perry actually spent more

The ad is available here.  

North Carolina political consultants Bob Harris and Luther Snyder are leading the campaign.

Paid for by Keep Conservatives United.
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