CEI Daily - Environmentalist Agenda, BPA, and the Alcohol Regulation Roundup

Environmentalist Agenda


Despite his promise to create jobs, President Obama is killing jobs in industries disliked by environmentalist groups.


Research Associate Matthew Melchiorre comments.


"With unemployment at 9.2 percent and Obama’s relentless pursuit of a job-killing environmentalist agenda, it’s clear that his cries for 'creating jobs' are merely rhetoric. His loyalties do not lie with the American worker, consumer, or businessman nearly as much as they do with 'green' groups and the American bureaucrat."




An EPA-backed study confirms that bisphenol A, or BPA, is not harmful for humans.


Research Associate Aaron Buchhop comments.


"While the study might be a win for the EPA, the deliberation over bisphenol-A has certainly been a costly and time consuming lesson. BPA should be here to stay, but thanks to fanning the flames of fear, it probably won’t be making a comeback anytime soon. Moving forward, let’s not sacrifice technological and economic progress for the sake of unfounded uncertainty."



Alcohol Regulation Roundup


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