NHDP - Who is Mitt Romney?

Dear friend,


The subject line of this email says it all. Time and again Mitt Romney has shown an uncanny ability to flip and flop to please his Tea Party base.


Yesterday at a town hall in Plymouth he told Granite Staters that a "better" idea for taxes is "the idea of one bracket alone." We call that a flat tax, which benefits the rich at the expense of everyone else.


In 1996, Mitt Romney shared our view. He took out ads calling the flat tax exactly what it is: "a tax cut for fat cats." In 2007, Romney continued to attack this skewed tax proposal calling it "unfair." Click here to see one of the ads that ran in the Boston Herald.


This flip-flop is just the latest step in Mitt's moves to the extreme right. He is pushing for the Republican budget that ends Medicare as we know it and would rather let the country default than upset his Tea Party base. Romney even said that "corporations are people."


Romney has embraced the same extreme economic policies as Concord and Washington Republicans, which put corporations and special interests first and working Granite State families last.


Ask Mitt Romney today why he now supports - in his own words - "tax cuts for fat cats:" 

  • Ask him on twitter. Use the hashtag #WhichMitt.
  • Send him an email.
  • Ask him in person today (Tuesday, August 16th) at his town hall meeting starting at 5:30 pm in Berlin at VFW Post 2520 (1107 Main Street).

With your help we will hold Mitt Romney and all the Tea Party Republicans accountable.



Ray Buckley

Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party