CEI Weekly: Taxpayers Bear Regulatory Cost Burden

Friday, August 19, 2011



Feature: Wayne Crews talks about how the government can cut back on the cost of regulations.

FEATURED STORY: Taxpayers Bear Regulatory Cost Burden


According to Americans for Tax Reform, August 12 is the day Americans have to work until to pay for taxation and regulation at state and local levels. In The Washington Times this week, CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews explained ways we can cut back on this enormous cost burden. Read his op-ed here.





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August 18, 2011: How the EPA Makes Electricity Less Affordable


Energy Policy Analyst William Yeatman tells the story of how the EPA is forcing a power plant in New Mexico to install $370 million worth of equipment to improve visibility in a nearby park. Peer-reviewed research says the visibility improvement has a 35 percent chance of being perceptible to the human eye. New Mexican electricity consumers, meanwhile, will be able to perceive their bills going up by an average of $82 per year.