Cooler Heads Digest 19 August 2011

In the News

Scientists Offer New Reason to Curb GHG Emissions: Prevent Pre-Emptive Attack by Space Aliens
Marlo Lewis,, 19 August 2011

Suing NASA and UVA
Paul Chesser, American Spectator, 19 August 2011

EPA Jumps the Gun with Job-Killing Rules
Adam Peshek, Washington Times, 19 August 2011

All the Green Jobs News…That’s Fit To Bury
Chris Horner, AmSpecBlog, 19 August 2011

Gas Prices under Obama
Henry Payne, Planet Gore, 19 August 2011

Chesapeake Energy: A Free Market Re-Start?
Robert Bradley, Jr., Institute for Energy Research, 18 August 2011

Bashing EPA Is New Theme in GOP Race
John Broder, New York Times, 18 August 2011

PBS and Global Warming Skeptic’s Lockout
Russell Cook, American Thinker, 18 August 2011

Big Brother Goes Green
Audrey Hudson, Human Events, 18 August 2011

Dead Birds Are the Unintended Consequence of Wind Power
William La Jeunesse, Fox News, 16 August 2011

Where Federal Energy Subsidies Really Go
Robert Bradley, Jr., Forbes, 15 August 2011

Climate Models Not So Good for Food Prediction
World Climate Report, 15 August 2011

A Dim Light on Global Warming
Bjorn Lomborg, Project Syndicate, 12 August 2011

New You Can Use
Peer-Reviewed Study: IPCC Climate Models Overestimate Warming

According to a new study in the peer-reviewed Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Science co-authored by MIT atmospheric science professor Richard Lindzen, real-world observations demonstrate that a doubling of atmospheric humidity would likely cause 0.7 degrees Celsius of global warming—about a third of the warming that is predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The study suggests that computer models overestimate the climate’s sensitivity to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Inside the Beltway

CBO Scores Green Bank

This week the Congressional Budget Office released a report estimating the cost of a proposed green bank known as the Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA). CEDA was part of the Clean Energy Financing Act, which was passed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in July. Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) sided with Committee Democrats in voting for the measure.

According to the CBO, the green bank would cost taxpayers $2.5 billion directly from 2012-2016, but the potential costs are much greater. That’s because the $2.5 billion would leverage about $20 billion in loans for risky renewable energy projects. If any of these loans defaulted, taxpayers would be fully responsible.

Notably, CEDA’s model is the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program, which has been red-flagged repeatedly by federal watchdogs. This stands to reason, as creating a green bank from scratch is well outside the Energy Department’s core competencies.

Across the States


Today, The New York Times reported that California has spent half of $186 million in stimulus money earmarked for energy efficiency, in order to create 538 full time jobs, at a cost of almost $173,000 per job. For more on the dubious economics behind the president’s push for green jobs, read this testimony by Ken Green of the American Enterprise Institute.


In 2008, buoyed by $58 million in subsidies from the Massachusetts government, Evergreen Solar opened a solar power components manufacturing plant in Devens. A year later, the company moved operations to China. This week, it announced it was bankrupt, with more than $450 million in debt. Massachusetts is owed more than $40 million, but it is unlikely to recoup any money.

Gulf Coast

At Master Resource, Kevin Mooney reported yesterday that ten oil rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico since the Obama administration imposed a moratorium on deepwater oil and gas drilling in May 2010.  There were 33 rigs in operation at the time of the BP disaster, which means that 30 percent of rigs have departed. And they aren’t coming back. The rigs left the Gulf for locations in Egypt, Congo, French Guiana, Liberia, Nigeria and Brazil.

Around the World
Brian McGraw

Enviros To Protest Keystone Pipeline

Thousands of environmental activists—led by wealthy celebrities—will flock to Washington, D.C., beginning tomorrow, August 20 to demand that the Obama administration prohibit construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline, which requires approval by the State Department, would deliver oil from the Canadian oil-sands in Alberta down through western states to refineries in Oklahoma and Texas.

Through Hillary Clinton, the State Department has previously signaled support for the pipeline project, though they are undoubtedly having second thoughts as this issue has led to predictable hysteria by environmentalists, with NASA‘s infamous climatologist James Hansen claiming that development of the oil sands is equivalent to a “game over” for global emissions reductions.

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