Huntsman For President - Take It From Me: The President Failed

Over the weekend Governor Huntsman taped interviews on "This Week" with Jake Tapper filling in for Christiane Amanpour and Piers Morgan Tonight. Governor Huntsman reiterated what all Americans already know about the Obama Administration - it has failed.

We were so pleased with his performance that we released the following web video titled, "Take It From Me."

JHFP VIDEO: "Take It From Me"

RELEASED: 8/23/2011




JON HUNTSMAN:   Right now we’ve got people on the fringes; President Obama is too far to the left. [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

CHYRON:   On Barack Obama…

JON HUNTSMAN:  Zero leadership on display in terms of the President, who should’ve used the bully pulpit well ahead of time.  [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

CHYRON:   On Barack Obama…

JON HUNTSMAN: He should’ve walked away from the teleprompter. [ABC's This Week, 8/21/2011]

JON HUNTSMAN: He had two and a half years to do the most important thing demanded by the American people:  Fix the economy, create an environment that is conducive to job growth, and he has failed us. He is a good man, he is earnest, but he has failed us on the most important issue of our day. [CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, 8/22/2011]

CHYRON: Take It From Me...The President Failed.