Call to Super Committee: Cut the Federal Budget with Green Scissors

NH reacts as four organizations issue Green Scissors 2011 as clarion call to defend both the American Environment and the American Taxpayer.

The report provides a roadmap to saving up to $380 billion over five years by ending wasteful spending that harms the environment. This amounts to a quarter of the savings the new congressional Super Committee has been charged with obtaining, in half the time.


Friends of the Earth which has spent 39 years fighting for the environment, and the Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank that actively questions the scientific consensus on climate change, joined with Taxpayers for Common Sense and Public Citizen on the 2011 Green Scissors report.   


According to Taxpayers for Common sense, simply eliminating federal oil and gas subsidies would save New Hampshire taxpayers an estimated $60 million annually.


“It is an outrage to learn that on top of what we pay at the pump and to heat and light our homes, the taxpayers of New Hampshire’s  2nd congressional district are shelling out an estimated $33 million a year to pay for government subsidies benefitting  oil and gas companies floating in profits,” said Bev Edwards, chair of the Temple Energy Committee.  According to Edwards, almost 100 New Hampshire  local energy committees are working to help their towns residents and schools reduce energy use and costs.  The 80 percent town hall energy cost savings accomplished by the Temple Energy Committee can be found online .


“Conservation is the cheapest form of clean energy.  Cutting wasteful spending and subsidies that benefit special interests while harming the environment can be the most elemental first step of serious deficit reduction,” said Joe Keefe, President & CEO Pax World Management LLC. Green Scissors 2011 identifies significant spending  cuts that will help us get our fiscal house in order while simultaneously promoting smarter energy and environmental policy – a win/win proposition if there ever was one,” Keefe said.


With the federal government facing a $1.65 trillion deficit and $14.6 trillion debt, Green Scissors’ agenda is more critical than ever.


Green Scissors relies on government resources, including the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Government Account­ability Office (GAO) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for subsidy values illustrated in the report.

Inside Green Scissors 2011


  • Green Scissors cuts both ways: for instance, the hybrid vehicle tax credit officially lapsed on January 1, 2011, some in Congress want to put it back into place. This is a misguided idea.


“These common sense cuts represent the lowest of the low hanging budgetary fruit,” said Taxpayers for Common Sense President Ryan Alexander. “Lawmakers across the political spectrum should be scrambling to eliminate these examples of wasteful spending and unnecessary tax breaks that are squandering our precious tax dollars while the nation is staring into a chasm of debt.”


 “The Green Scissors report documents the breadth and depth of damage that government spending does to our environment,” said Heartland Institute Vice President Eli Lehrer. “Cutting government in the right places can make for a cleaner, healthier environment.”

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