August 26, 2011, Manchester, NH -- As reported by Dan Tuohy in the New Hampshire Concord Patch, presidential candidate Gary Johnson Thursday labeled airports as "Constitution-free zones", referring to intrusive screening practices of the Transportation Security Administration.  Johnson's remarks came during a Town Hall meeting his campaign hosted Thursday evening in Concord, NH.   Johnson, who has consistently said he would never have supported the creation of the TSA, advocates placing responsibility for airport security with airport authorities and the airlines themselves.  He maintains, "It is not just a question of whether the federal government's airport security policies since 9-11 have made us safer, which is a very real question.  It is a much larger problem of the government, in the name of security, dramatically increasing its reach and trampling fundamental liberties and privacy."   "Whenever government gets bigger and reaches farther, we loose freedoms.  We need to reverse course, make government smaller, and by doing so, allow Americans the liberties and privacy we deserve, and which are supposed to be protected under the Constitution."
In addition to the TSA, Johnson addressed a variety of topics at Thursday night’s Town Hall – the second Town Hall he has hosted on his nine-day ‘marathon’ trip around the state. (Photo Caption: Governor Johnson speaks to Concord citizens at Town Hall. Photo Credit:  Photo courtesy of

Friday morning, Governor Johnson spoke to the Greater Salem Rotary Club at Rockingham Park. (Photo 2: Governor Johnson speaks to the Greater Salem Rotary Club). After his morning appearance he will be traveling to Maine to be a guest speaker at the Calvin Coolidge Clambake, hosted by the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Saturday, Governor Johnson will have a public breakfast at the Peterborough Diner before speaking at the Live Free or Die Rally in Jaffrey, NH at noon.  He will then attend a Tea Party Event at Claremont. Saturday night Richard Fedman and his wife are hosting a BBQ for Governor Johnson at the B&B Lena's Lodge.

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About Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson, a Republican and two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002, has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty.