(2 August 2011) Barrack Obama remains the odds-on favourite with top betting firm Paddy Power to win the 2012 U.S Presidential Election after the Debt Ceiling bill passed its first hurdle in the House of Representatives.

With political commentators split down the middle on whether the vote was good or bad for Obama’s 2012 campaign Paddy Power have pushed his odds from 1/2 to 4/7.

Mitt Romney is the President’s nearest challenger at odds of 5/1 followed by his party colleague Rick Perry at 6/1. Jon Huntsman is joined by Tea Party darling Michelle Bachman at 14/1 with former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is at 22/1.

With question marks remaining over the States ability to pay its debts the odds on a downgrade before the end of August are just at 2/1.

Paddy Power said “Obama is still our firm favourite but it looks as though the spending cuts could hurt his bid and could blow the race for the White House wide open!”

Will the US credit rating be downgraded by the end of August?
(Applies to 2011. Applies to Standard & Poor, Moody's & Fitch)
 2/1  Yes

Next President (Winning Candidate)
4/7 Barack Obama
5/1 Mitt Romney
6/1 Rick Perry
14/1 Michele Bachmann
14/1 Jon Huntsman
16/1 Tim Pawlenty
22/1 Sarah Palin
33/1 Herman Cain
40/1 Hillary Clinton
40/1 John Boehner
40/1 Paul Ryan
50/1 Ron Paul

Winning Party
4/7 Democratic
5/4 Republican

Republican Candidate
7/4 Mitt Romney
5/2 Rick Perry
7/1 John Huntsman
7/1 Michele Bachmann
8/1 Tim Pawlenty
14/1 Sarah Palin
18/1 Herman Cain
18/1 John Boehner
20/1 Paul Ryan
25/1 Ron Paul


All prices remain subject to fluctuation.

Paddy Power is Ireland’s largest bookmaker and a leading provider of gaming services in the UK, Australia and Ireland. Founded in 1988 Paddy Power is a publicly quoted company and is listed on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges (