Andy Martin Presidential candidate triggers cartoons by supporters of New England utility

As Andy Martin walks across the state to protest a high voltage line that would undermine New Hampshire’s economy and quality of life he is drawing increasing attention from the state’s residents

Andy has now drawn a cartoon response from supporters of Northeast Utilities, who say “presidential candidate” “Mandy Artin” has “an office in Chicago” and a “summer mansion in New Hampshire,” and bribes his backers with Cheetos

Dopes Andy Martin (“Mandy Artin”) have a secret “summer mansion in New Hampshire?

(MANCHESTER, NH)(August 29, 2011) While Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin continues his statewide march across New Hampshire to protest Northeast Utilities’ Northern Pass plan, the presidential candidate has drawn a man-bites-dog response from supporters of New England’s largest utility company.

Backers of NU’s Northern Pass have created a series of cartoons spoofing “Presidential candidate Mandy Artin” who has an “office in Chicago” (Andy Martin) and a fictional “summer mansion in New Hampshire.” In a related cartoon, opponents of Northern Pass are bribed with free Cheetos provided by presidential candidate “Andy.” (Links to the YouTube cartoons are found below)

“Well, it looks as thought our opponents have noticed the march against Northern Pass,” Andy quips (while munching Cheetos). “When I learned that Northeast Utilities’ supporters had immortalized my historic march in an Internet cartoon I was left speechless, and reached for a bag of Cheetos.

“In the reciprocal spirit of Northeast Utilities cartoonish Northern Pass scheme I am preparing to offer a $1 million reward for the location of presidential candidate Mandy Artin’s ‘summer mansion in New Hampshire.’ I will even offer the same reward for discovery of Andy Martin’s unknown-to-me ‘summer mansion in New Hampshire.’

“Our security people have observed Northeast Utilities employees conducting surveillance on my march, so PSNH/NU is taking a very serious interest in my activity. I invite them to march alongside me so they can have an even closer view of my tactics.

“Most presidential candidates move from limos to cocktail parties or, in the case of Michele Bachmann, from ‘lockdown’ on her bus to release on a leash to avoid her gaffes. I am the only presidential candidate who can actually walk the highways of the State and meet New Hampshire voters without ‘handlers’ and ‘security guards’ preventing voters from approaching me.

“Some months ago I promised opponents of Northern Pass that when Northeast Utilities realized my presidential campaign was making Northern Pass an issue in the presidential campaign, the utility company and its highly paid lawyers and lobbyists would react.

“My presidential campaign is running TV ads and radio commercials opposing Northern Pass (see TV/radio ads at And in response Northeast Utilities’ supporters are now producing cartoons spoofing me as a dilettante. Looks like NU realizes my presidential campaign is gaining ground while Northern Pass continues to lose ground.”

Martin began his statewide march against Northern Pass in July and to date has marched over fifty miles in opposition to the proposal.