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Romney: Out of Touch

Romney: Out of Touch

Tweet of the Week
@JoshuaLyman: I am starting a pool: first candidate to tour flood damage in Hartsfield's Landing? #fitn #irene

This Week's NH #FITN News & Headlines


Concord Monitor: Party activists prod Romney
Boston Globe: Romney greeted by 10 protesters in N.H.
Fosters: Romney: Tea Party would support my candidacy 
Union Leader editorial: The 10th Amendment: Romney's weak argument 
Union Leader: Joe McQuaid's Publisher Notes [on Romney] 
Concord Monitor columnist: Don't you feel sorry for Mitt?
Union Leader (via McClatchy): Can Perry's blue-collar background overcome his Texas roots in NH? 
Fosters editorial: Rick Perry: A work in progress
Concord Monitor: Perry has a way with words
Valley News editorial: The 'Miracle' Worker But Is He Electable?
Union Leader (via Politico): Perry woos K Street and Wall Street
Citizen: Presidential candidate Ron Paul outlines platform 
Concord Monitor: Gingrich: Blame 'snob' effect 
Concord Monitor: Fred Karger makes appearance at Friendly Kitchen fundraiser
Concord Monitor: Johnson mingles in Concord
Concord Monitor: Who's bleeping mad about the next debate? [Roemer] 
Union Leader (via Politico): GOP candidates duck and cover on Libya

Eagle Tribune: T-shirts, datebooks and more from the GOP trail

State News & Views


Concord Monitor editorial: Extend the payroll tax to create jobs
Union LeaderGOP Chair Kimball says he will not resign   

Union Leader: Lamontagne indicates he'll soon announce run for governor   

Concord Monitor: Budget cuts threaten funds for needy

Keene Sentinel: Local students feel the tuition squeeze

NHPR: Shaheen visits Afghanistan 

Fosters editorial: "Voters have a right to know - and a need to know - who is financing political campaigns. Such information can be very telling."

Keene Sentinel editorial: Jack Kimball isn't the only thing Granite State Republicans have to worry about

Keene Sentinel: Bass gets earful at Nashua event