WFI Issues Responses To Individual NLRB Decisions

Obama Administration “August Massacre” Kills Jobs, Pays Off Labor Bosses
Washington, D.C. (August 31, 2011) – The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) today released the following statements in response to the individual job-killing decisions reached yesterday by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB):
In response to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision concerning Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile, WFI Spokesperson Fred Wszolek stated:
“The decision by Obama’s labor board concerning Specialty Healthcare radically alters how collective bargaining units are defined in every industry despite the dishonest claim made by the NLRB stating they ‘did not create new criteria for determining appropriate bargaining units outside of health care facilities.’  The new standard mandates that the only requirement to form a unit is a ‘community of interest’ meaning the tight ends on a football team could constitute a unit, while the offensive linemen or wide receivers would constitute separate units.  Going further, the regulatory agency makes it nearly impossible for employers to expand the pool of individuals in the ‘community of interest’ as the employees outside the unit would need to meet an arbitrary threshold classified as an ‘overwhelming community of interest.’  The practical effect of this is that under one business’ roof, multiple mini-units could be formed resulting in dramatically increased labor relations costs due to the employer having to bargain with multiple units negotiating against one another.  As this unfolds in one of the worst economies in recent memory, the end result will be more job loss and pain among America’s working class.  The decision by the Obama Administration in Specialty Healthcare is an affront to job creators and hardworking citizens and shreds any credibility the president maintained on the economy.”
In response to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision concerning Lamons Gasket, WFI Spokesperson Fred Wszolek stated:
“The NLRB’s decision to disallow workers the right to challenge their employer’s recognition of a union through card check is stunning.  Despite its request, no empirical evidence supporting the agency’s reversal of this precedent surfaced.  To the contrary, according to the regulatory agency’s own statistics, since the right was created in 2007, the union lost only 25% of the employee challenges.  Congress recently refused to consider the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA), which would have instituted card check and done away with the secret ballot, yet an agency within the executive branch stacked with unelected bureaucrats doing the bidding of labor bosses is completely undermining the will of the legislative branch.  It is clear from this decision by Obama’s labor board that the Congress must step forward and pass legislation that protects employee free choice with a secret ballot in workplace elections and removes card check as a means to force workers into unions.”
In response to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision concerning UGL-UNICCO, WFI Spokesperson Fred Wszolek stated:
“Once again seeking to force unionization any way it can, the decision by President Obama’s labor board overturns what has been NLRB law for most of its history and it does so without justification.  The regulatory agency bars any employee challenge to an incumbent union when there is a change in ownership.  While the board claims such a bar is necessary to preserve labor relations stability, elsewhere it becomes clear that the old law was too threatening to Big Labor because there has been an increase in mergers and acquisitions.  As more workers voluntarily decide against joining unions, this is yet another effort by government to promote the interests of labor bosses above employees.”

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