CEI Weekly: Union Threatens Strike at Ground Zero

Friday, August 5, 2011



Feature: Construction workers have walked off the job and threatened a formal strike at the World Trade Center site.

FEATURED STORY: Union Threatens Strike at Ground Zero


With only a month to go before the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, union workers at the World Trade Center site are refusing to work and are threatening a full-on strike. The union is hoping to bully their way into their ideal contract---meanwhile, they're upsetting people in New York City and across America. Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio appeared on Fox Business to talk about the union workers' tone deaf bungling of their labor dispute at Ground Zero. Watch the interview here.





Protecting IP While Preserving Online Innovation

Ryan Radia's hill briefing (video)


Hidden Truth: The Perils and Protection of Off-Label Drug and Medical Device Promotion

Greg Conko's study in Health Matrix


The Case Against John Bryson

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Going Down to the Wire on Debt-Limit Deal

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New Fuel Economy Standards Could Hurt More Than They Help

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Back to Big Government Spending as Usual

Trey Kovac's citation in Michelle Malkin's nationally syndicated column


Now Government Trying to Ban Sale of Your Supplements

Michelle Minton's citation in NewsMax








August 4, 2011: Liberalizing Trade


Congress is likely to take up

stalled free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea when it returns from its August

recess. Adjunct Fellow Fran Smith

talks about the good and bad parts

of the agreements. Billions of dollars

of economic benefits are offset by trade-unrelated provisions, such

as labor and environmental

standards. These erode our trading partners’ lawmaking sovereignty.

An increase in trade adjustment assistance also seems likely. This

gives money and training to workers who lose their jobs because of international trade.





Congress Shall Make No Law...
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Another Sleazy Green TV Ad

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August 20 is Lemonade Freedom Day
By Ryan Young


USPS Bailout on the Horizon

By Trey Kovacs


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