Govabuse Nationwide Protest-August 12, 2011

PROTEST Date:  Friday, August 12, 2011

Families in all states and many counties across the United States will unite for a nationwide protest at  their county family / juvenile courthouses.  

Find protest locations at

Purpose of protest: to force reformation of our, County Family / Juvenile  Courts and County Children / Family Services divisions aka; CPS, DHS,  DSS, DCFS etc. Saving America’s children, families and taxpayer dollars.

Through our efforts, the people;  a.) Unable to work  b.) Living at,  or below the poverty level   c.) Collecting SSI   d.) On medication, will  decrease drastically.  We are convinced the lives lost through child abuse  and suicide will also decrease.  These beliefs are due to the facts that the aforementioned crisis and tragedies are a direct result of ‘depression’  that stems from the loss of child parental / grandparents rights, parental  / family alienation and the never-ending litigations executed in the family  courts and children / social services divisions.