NH House Leaders Send Letter to Liquor Commission Questioning Disabled Parking

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today sent a letter to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission regarding Nashua Liquor Store parking. The recently opened Liquor and Wine Outlet in Nashua opted to assign the closest and most desirable parking spaces for LEV/Hybrid Vehicles over those with physical disabilities.

House Speaker William O’Brien:

“I cannot understand how the Governor’s appointees at the Liquor Commission can justify that individuals should receive preference on the basis of what type of vehicle they drive.  Handicapped New Hampshire citizens will need to drive past spaces occupied by fully abled non-residents and empty spaces all because the liquor commission doesn’t like the cars they drive.”

Rep. Peter Silva:

“What a slap in the face to New Hampshire’s disabled. To choose to display such blatant priority for special interests over seniors, wounded veterans and others who have mobility difficulty is deplorable. The commission owes the public an explanation as well as a plan to remedy this situation immediately. While many environmentalists have hailed the use of these vehicles as beneficial, political statements at the expense of our disabled neighbors are wholly inappropriate.”