NHDP - O'Brien Now Claims He Cares about Disabled after Supporting a State Budget that Cut Services for the Disabled

Concord, NH - House Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien is bending over backwards to pretend he cares about people with disabilities in New Hampshire.  In a misleading press release today, the Speaker along with state Representative Peter Silva wrongly claimed parking spots for individuals with disabilities are in a poor location at the new state liquor store in Nashua.


"If the Speaker and Rep. Silva actually care about people with disabilities, they have a terrible way of showing it. They both supported a budget that cuts millions in services for our most vulnerable citizens, including people with disabilities," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "How dare the Speaker try and use people with disabilities to try and score cheap political points? The hypocrasy is amazing. That he would claim he cares about the disabled while he takes away services is disgusting."