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This is the final weekend before the August 9th special election in Strafford County and Bob Perry needs your help. Today, even the conservative Foster's Daily Democrat called on his opponent, Honey Puterbaugh, to come clean with voters about her reckless Free State agenda.  


Donating just an hour or two of your time this weekend will help make sure that Bob and New Hampshire are victorious on Tuesday.

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Attorney General Investigating O'Brien Hypocrisy 


New Hampshire House Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien's attacks against young voters are now the subject of a complaint filed with the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office yesterday. Reports of the Speaker's son, Brendan O'Brien's, dual voter registration in Maine and New Hampshire surfaced over the weekend.


In New Hampshire, the obligation to prevent simultaneous voter registration in multiple states lies with the local Supervisor of the Checklist. In the town of Mont Vernon where the O'Brien family lives, the Supervisor is Roxanne O'Brien, Speaker O'Brien's wife.


While every student should be allowed to vote, if proper procedures were not followed for the son of Speaker O'Brien, that is a problem.


You can read more about the Attorney General's investigation here>>> 


Guinta Says No Need for FDA as Contaminated Turkeys Appear in NH


The Nashua Telegraph is reporting that New Hampshire residents should check any ground turkey products they are purchasing to see if they are part of a huge recall.  The meat is contaminated with a drug-resistant strain of salmonella bacteria which causes diarrhea, cramps and fever.  And "in rare cases, often involving infants, the elderly or people with weakened immune systems, eating the bacteria can be fatal."


But food safety means nothing to Frank Guinta in the first Congressional District.  He doesn't think the FDA should be inspecting our food.  This leaves one question; will Congressman Guinta be eating turkey for dinner tonight?  

Click here to see a video of Frank Guinta's dangerous comments>>>


GOP State Budget Fall Out: Slower Plow Service This Winter          

In addition to making the largest percentage cut to education in the nation, dangerously reducing access to vital health services, and killing hundreds of New Hampshire jobs, according the Union Leader the new reckless Republican state budget will also slow the state's snowplow service this winter.  

Many state roads will see fewer plows between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m., and plow services across the board are being cut for storms accumulating a quarter of an inch of snow an hour or less.

The decreased service could increase the number of school closings, make it harder for businesses to transport goods and raw materials at night, and slow countless New Hampshire workers' morning commutes. 


You can get all the details on the GOP's reckless plan here>>>


Democrats in Action

The following local Democratic committees will be holding events this week.  For details go the NHDP calendar at  

Sullivan County Democrats Hit a Home Run Summer BBQ

Strafford 3 Special Election
Manchester City Democrats Meeting

Atkinson Democratic Committee

Rockingham District 14 Special Election
Nashua Democrats
Hillsborough District 3 Special Election
NHDP Mid-term State Convention

News From the Week of August 5, 2011
Attorney General Investigating O'Brien Hypocrisy
Guinta Says No Need for FDA as Contaminated Turkeys Appear in NH
GOP State Budget Fall Out: Slower Plow Service This Winter
Democrats in Action

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