AFP - Prosperity Alert: September 2011

Prosperity Alert: September 2011


A Message From AFP President Tim Phillips


In recent days we've seen the vile, racially tinged attacks on tea party activists. 

The Left is bitter.  They know their ideology is failing to grow our economy.  More importantly to them, they're losing with the American people.  So with their poll numbers plummeting and liberal ideas failing they lash out in a vicious, personal manner hoping to whip up the liberal base, distract folks in the middle, and demonize us.

The good news: our fellow Americans are wise and their slash-and-burn strategy of resentment and hate will fail if we keep building our grassroots strength and continue delivering our message that free enterprise and limited government is the way to create jobs and bring back prosperity.   
That's exactly what Americans for Prosperity is doing.  In recent weeks we've launched new AFP chapters in Minnesota and Connecticut. AFP just crossed the 1.8 million grassroots activist mark. And during the debt limit battle, we ran a television ad detailing President Obama's failure of leadership. AFP's aggressive online messaging efforts resulted in us being one of the most watched non-profit groups on

Our sister organization, AFP Foundation just completed its Running on Empty Tour, crisscrossing the nation (from Kalispell, Montana to Sarasota, Florida and from Roanoke, Virginia to Lincoln, Nebraska) and educating citizens about Obama's regulations and red tape that are driving up gas prices and utility bills while making every product we buy more expensive -- all to support the Left's global warming policy agenda. Citizens sent their gas bills to the President to let him know that his administration's policies are hurting working families.

The road ahead is challenging.  We know that. But whoever said saving our great country was going to be easy!

It's an honor to serve in the cause of freedom and prosperity with you. 

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

Take Action


Help Save American Jobs!
The NLRB is trying to shut down Boeing’s new plant in South Carolina, because they don’t like that South Carolina is a Right to Work state. This dispute serves as a prime example of the kind of regulatory overreach that is costing America jobs.

Thankfully, Representative Tim Scott has introduced H.R. 2587, which would stop the NLRB’s actions. Click here to urge your Member of Congress to support the bill.

Stop the EPA's Attack on Property Rights!
President Obama wants to control all the land and water in the United States. He is attempting to have his EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers ignore the Courts and the American people by having them claim jurisdiction over every drop of moisture in the United States. Click here to tell Congress to step in and stop this egregious power grab!

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5th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit - November 4-5


AFP Foundation, our sister organization, is pleased to announce that conservative radio host and bestselling author Mark Levin has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at its national Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C., this November 4th-5th. Join America’s foremost free-market voices, top experts on grassroots mobilization, and the nation’s largest gathering of grassroots leaders from across the country in a massive show of force for our shared belief in limited government and free enterprise.

Register before September 15th, and you can receive 25% off student and family registration as part of AFP Foundation's "Back to School" promotion! Simply click here, and enter the discount code "Backtoschool25" on the registration page.

Click here to learn more about the Defending the American Dream Summit.

Click here to register now.

Activist of the Month - Stefani Buhajla


Stefani Buhajla of Fayetteville, Arkansas, has taken activism to a whole new level. In 2009, she was working as a constituent services intern for her Congressman. Around that time, she met AFP Arkansas State Director Teresa Oelke, and offered her time as a volunteer for AFP's "Hands Off My Health Care" project. She was soon volunteering for AFP on a regular basis, and was asked to attend AFP Foundation's annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C. She took the lessons she learned there, and at AFP Foundation's RightOnline Conference to heart.

Stefani began using Twitter (under the handle @stefanibuhajla) to spread news and information related to the conservative movement, and even set up a daily online e-newspaper called "Americans for Prosperity Daily." Stefani says that it's important for people to remember that you don't have to attend meetings to be an effective activist. You only have to effectively utilize social media. Stefani is a shining example of an activist who is daily making an impact on the political scene in her state.

Thank you Stefani, for all you do, and congratulations on being AFP's Activist of the Month.

AFP Local Highlights


Local Highlights:

AFP welcomes John Cooney, our new Minnesota State Director!

AFP Oklahoma hosts a panel discussion to honor the memory of Dr. Milton Friedman.

AFP Ohio has kicked off its series of Taxpayer Town Halls which focus on the financial crises that many local governments across Ohio are facing.

AFP Arizona continues its "Feet to the Fire" Town Hall series on fiscal issues at the federal, state, and local levels.

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