AUFC - Nashua Telegraph editorial: 'Quite the debut for 'Ponzi' Perry' & New Webvideo

See must read Nashua Telegraph editorial: 'Quite the debut for ‘Ponzi’ Perry' – Key point: “We understand politics and hyperbole go together like ice cream and apple pie, but Perry calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme is just factually incorrect.”

See also today from Politico:

By James Hohmann

A SOCIAL SECURITY OPENING - DEMOCRATS ATTACK ROMNEY: Americans United for Change posted a web video last night with dated footage of Romney talking about his openness to private retirement accounts. The title: "Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, George W. Bush -- 3 Amigos, Gunnin' for your Social Security." The video:

Additional comment: "Rick Perry and Mitt Romney may use different degrees of extreme rhetoric when it comes to Social Security, but their goal is very much the same: dismantling Social Security via privatization and slashing benefits -- the same risky scheme President Bush pushed for that was overwhelmingly rejected by the American people.”

Jeremy J. Funk

Communications Director, Americans United for Change