CEI Weekly: A Ten-Point Plan to Create Jobs

Friday, September 9, 2011



Feature: CEI proposes our own alternative job creation plan in response to President Obama's Thursday speech on how he plans to create jobs.

FEATURED STORY: CEI Presents a Ten-Point Plan to Create Jobs


President Obama delivered his much-anticipated jobs speech on Thursday. Once again, the President vowed to spend taxpayer dollars creating American jobs; and once again, the American people were unimpressed. In response to Obama's speech, CEI policy analysts compiled an alternative solution to the nation's unemployment crisis. CEI's Ten-Point Plan to Create Jobs proposes several clear deregulatory steps the federal government can take to allow the growth of emerging markets, cut industry costs, and encourage American businesses to expand their workforces. Read the complete job creation plan here. 





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September 8, 2011: The Infrastructure Bank


In a speech tonight, President Obama

is expected to announce the creation

of a government infrastucture bank as part of his plan to reduce unemployment. Vice President for

Policy Wayne Crews explains why it won’t work as planned, and offers an alternative idea: liberalization.