Fred Karger For President - Saturday Precinct Walk in Concord, New Hampshire

News Reel & Fred Karger Store Launched

We have some exciting new campaign components and more significant media coverage.

Our filmmaker, John Keitel has put together a “News Reel” made up of many of the TV interviews that Fred has had over the last nineteen months of campaigning as well as his actions against the Mormon Church.

Click below to watch the News Reel:  


Have you wanted to own your own Fred Who? T-shirt, so when you run into Marcus Bachmann you’ll be all set for your photo like Kevin was?

Well, wait no more.  Today we are officially launching the Fred Karger Store!  We have New Hampshire and Iowa T-shirts, the famous Fred Frisbees, notepads, postcards, pins, stickers, bumper strips, and even web cards to make you a part of the campaign team.

CLICK TO GO SHOPPING:  Fred Karger Campaign Store

Saturday Precinct Walk in Concord, New Hampshire Tomorrow!
Kirk Brunson will lead the way!

Come join Kirk the Bagpiper for some fun, exercise and to help Fred tomorrow, Saturday, September 10th at 10:30 am in Concord, NH and we’ll start the walk at 11:00 am.  We’ll be walking door-to-door and giving away the famous Fred Frisbees and talking to voters.   It is retail politics at its best.  

Concord Monitor story by Meg Heckman:  CLICK HERE

Then we’ll all go to lunch afterwards!

We will all meet at White Park in Concord.

Questions - contact Kevin Miniter: or 202-365-2321

Fred Featured in the Times of London

Here’s a very interesting story that just ran on Fred and the campaign by Rhys Blakely who interviewed him in Los Angeles:



I’m trying to save us all from Tea Party, says gay Republican

September 3, 2011
By Rhys Blakely, Los Angeles

Fred Karger wants you to know that he is not delusional.

It is a point worth repeating, for not only is he America’s first gay presidential candidate from a major party, he is a Republican whose sexuality has been branded satanic by party colleagues.

For 35 years he was a behind-the-scenes Washington player. By day he advised three presidents — Ford, Reagan and George Bush Sr — on political strategy... (more)