NH GOP - President Obama Declares, "This isn't Political Grandstanding," While Politically Grandstanding

President Calls for Stimulus II and Governor Lynch Makes No Comment

Concord, NH – President Barack Obama last night delivered his campaign speech before a joint session of Congress, during which he – to no surprise – called for hundreds of billions of dollars of spending on union jobs that support his candidacy, and gave no insight into how the money would be paid for except to say, “everything in this bill will be paid for.”  The President then left a vague reference that he would tell the American people more in another week or so.  Governor Lynch has been a huge supporter of President Obama’s spending proposals in the past including Stimulus I and the massive Obamacare legislation.  Now, New Hampshire Republicans are weighing in.

“Whether on a State or National level, our recovery will not be lead by government spending and increased taxes.  A historic  fact that has been--and continues to be--ignored by both Governor John Lynch and President Obama.    If government spending were the answer, we would be in an economic boom right now. Until the last election, we faced continued tax and spend increases in New Hampshire which created massive budget deficits here and Washington.  It’s time to direct the focus of democrat leadership from special interests, to the people’s interests,” said Pam Tucker, Deputy NH House Speaker.

Former United States Congressman and current New Hampshire Senate Majority leader Jeb Bradley has both a federal and state view on the issue.  “You can’t stand up, do a political speech on the floor of the US House, announce massive spending—much of which will go directly to states for transportation and teachers—and simply not tell anyone how you intend to pay for it,”  Bradley said.  “The President said more times than I could count that he wants the legislation passed right away and yet there is no bill for anyone in Washington to look at, let alone people back home in individual states who will have to deal with it.   If we really want to stimulate job growth, we will enact legislation in our State and Federal governments that improve the business climate and bring a sense of certainty to industries.  We can’t tax and spend ourselves out of this jobs crisis.”

State Republican Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald noted this is little more than Stimulus déjà vu, just only half as massive.  “We watched the mismanagement of federal stimulus money be wasted on special interest groups and stimulate no job growth.  For this President to say, ‘let’s try same thing again’ is disappointing.  I am happy to see the Republican members of our federal delegation have already come out  and expressed concerns over the proposed spending and re-do of failed policies of the past.  We look forward to the final legislation that will hopefully be a real jobs stimulator, not a special interest one.”

In response to 1st District Congressman Frank Guinta’s repudiation of the massive spending in Stimulus II, former Congresswoman and current democratic candidate Carol Shea-Porter criticized Guinta for not accepting the failed policies of the past as a way forward.  She noted in her statement, she intends to use her “experience” when she returns to Congress.   “What Carol Shea-Porter apparently fails to realize is that this ‘experience’ she refers to is exactly what got her voted out of office last year.  The people of New Hampshire rejected her spending votes on the failed Stimulus I and won’t be supporting her return to be a guaranteed vote for President Obama’s failed policies,” MacDonald concluded.

Statements from U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congressmen Frank Guinta and Charles Bass can be viewed at NHGOP.org.