NHDP - Pass the Bill

Dear friend,   

Last night President Obama asked members of Congress to "pass this bill" - the American Jobs Act.


The American Jobs Act will put more money in the pockets of working Granite State families and small businesses, will make important investments in rebuilding our roads and schools, and it does all this without adding a penny to the deficit. Most importantly, job creation will start as soon as Congress passes the bill.


Sadly, it is yet to be seen if Republican Representatives Guinta and Bass, along with Senator Ayotte and a host of Republican presidential candidates will put partisanship aside and support the plan to create jobs.


Call Reps. Guinta and Bass and Senator Ayotte at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to put New Hampshire first and "pass this bill." Voice your support with a letter to the editor and sign up to attend our State Convention on September 24th


Our elected officials need to overcome partisan differences, put New Hampshire first and pass this bill. Granite State families can not afford delay.



Ray Buckley
Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party