Shea-Porter statement on US Rep Guinta’s refusal to work on jobs program

New Hampshire-   Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement concerned Congressman Guinta’s refusal to work on a jobs program.


“After spending his whole vacation insisting that he was so bipartisan now that he was friends with Barney Frank, it did not take our current Congressman, Frank Guinta, a New York minute to condemn President Obama's Jobs Program.  One of the top Republican leaders, Rep Eric Cantor, said,  'But there are some things that we can do if we transcend those differences and stick to what the mission here is,' but Frank simply refused to be bipartisan at all, flatly stating, 'they got more failed policy and empty eloquence.'  New Hampshire's First District needs someone who has experience working across the aisle, and I will continue to do just that when I return to Congress.”