YRNF Inc. Response to President Obama's Speech Before a Joint Session



The President requested a speech before a Joint Session of Congress in order to introduce his jobs proposal which was named the American Jobs Act. It did not take long to realize this was a plan long on words and short on the action needed to jumpstart the abysmal economy. The President chose to double down on policies that have already proven to be a failure. What is needed is a real discussion on the issues facing job creators, not more class warfare rhetoric and uncertainty.


YRNF Chairman Lisa Stickan stated:  


"Barack Obama has been president for two and a half years, and his policies have failed the American people. In a speech to Congress, he gave a campaign speech offering no new ideas and more of the same status quo policies. To pay for his failed policies, he demanded that Congress find cuts, another example of failed, "pass the buck" leadership. President Obama has no vision, no policies, and offers no hope for the American people. After four years of not listening to the American people, they will have their say in November 2012, when the Young Republican National Federation will help elect a Republican President."


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