NH GOP - NH Republican Party's Reaction to Democrats Dirty Tricks

NH Democrat Party Sued for Dirty Election Day Phone Calls

(Concord, NH) - Members of the New Hampshire Republican Party weigh in on New Hampshire Democrat Party's dirty campaign tactics.


On August 30, 2011, the New Hampshire Democrat Party was fined $5,000.00 for violating New Hampshire's clean election laws with deceptive robo-calls against Speaker Bill O'Brien during the 2010 election cycle.  The Union Leader today reported that the New Hampshire Attorney General in issuing the fine said the New Hampshire Democrat Party "knowingly broke the law by not specifically saying what group paid for the call, and it's fiscal agent"  (Union Leader 9/12/11).  The Union Leader also points out, "Ray Buckley, the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, helped write the state law and sat on the House Committee that recommended its passage".

What people are saying:


“I am disappointed the Democrats would engage in such tactics, but not surprised.  I support Speaker O'Brien's decision to pursue further damages and hope this will cause the Democrats to think twice before engaging in any more deceptive election practices”

PHYLLIS WOODS, National Committeewoman:

“This is the kind of unethical conduct that leads the public to speak disparagingly of politicians and “dirty politics.”  In New Hampshire’s large voluntary legislature, this is particularly discouraging to people of good character who are currently serving or who may be considering running for office.  We have an obligation to respond in the strongest possible terms whenever we encounter unacceptable behavior not befitting anyone who represents the public in service to our state regardless of party or position.”

STEVE DUPREY, National Committeeman:

 “There is absolutely no place for dirty campaign tactics of any kind.  In fact, both parties should strive to make the 2012 election cycle the cleanest and fairest election in history.  The Democrats were correctly incensed in the past over similar tactics and should be ashamed of their own behavior now.  The Democrat party should take steps to make sure nothing like this happens again".

RAY CHADWICK, Hillsborough County Chair:

“Honest political debate enables voters to make informed choices based upon each candidate’s vision for government and the values they support.  Bill O’Brien was forthright about his beliefs and what he intended to accomplish if elected. In response, Democrats made calls that willfully misrepresented O’Brien’s positions, presumably to confuse voters regarding his values and influence them to vote against him.  That’s not only unethical but also is insulting to the voters. It has no place in honest political debate. New Hampshire political leaders, particularly Democrats, should be denouncing that action.”.