NHDP Statement on House Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien's Frivolous Lawsuit

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Harrell Kirstein released the following statement concerning the frivolous lawsuit filed today by Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien.

"It is hard for us to comment on a petition that we have not seen.  That Attorney Douglass saw fit to release it to the press 24 hours before he delivered it to the courts or us shows this is a publicity stunt more than anything else.  Attorney Douglass has previously, and unsuccessfully, sued the Manchester Democratic Committee (the suit was dismissed by the Superior Court) and the state Democratic Party (the New Hampshire Supreme Court dismissed that case).  We are confident that this suit will have the same result.  


"The call very clearly identified where it came from.  Unfortunately Speaker O'Brien wants to waste court resources on something that the Attorney General's Office already settled.   


"We are confident of our position in this matter.  Even the very conservative Union Leader editorial board wrote that entire situation was 'was minor' and 'almost certainly an oversight.'"