DNC Launches TV Ads in NH to Promote Stimulus II--Will Governor Lynch Finally Weigh In?

Concord, NH – The Democratic National Committee has launched a new TV ad in New Hampshire to promote President Barack Obama’s “jobs plan,” which he announced last week. The DNC is spending nearly $90,000 for 5 days worth of ad time to promote the half trillion dollar “Stimulus II.”  The ad is also running in several other politically significant states including Iowa, Florida, and Ohio.

“It’s fascinating that the ad starts with President Obama basically telling people not to play politics with his plan, but then he and his Democrat Party choose the states with most early influence on the Presidential race to air it in,” said Wayne MacDonald, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chair.  “The partisan ad tells us to “Read it. Fight for It.”  Here in New Hampshire we will continue to read it as more information comes up.  However, what we will fight for is reduced spending and smaller government.  Not another stimulus package that mimics the failed policies of the first one.”

Since the announcement of President Obama’s plan, Governor John Lynch has made no publicly reported comment on it. 

“I’ve seen the Democratic National Committee’s Ad about the President’s plan running in New Hampshire. I’m curious where our Governor, also a Democrat, stands  on this?” Questioned Alan Glassman, Chair of Belknap County Republican Committee. “As with the last Stimulus, Governor Lynch would have a huge role in implementation of any funding that comes to the state. He has to know that the last Stimulus failed to create any real jobs since unemployment is higher than it used to be. The people of New Hampshire don’t want more wasteful spending, we want more jobs. So, will Governor Lynch put politics aside and stand by the people of New Hampshire or will he speak the party ‘line’ once again?”

You can view the President-promoting ad by the DNC HERE!