Hynes Communication - Social Media and the Super Committee

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As highlighted in a Roll Call story this morning titled "New Media Guru Urges Tweeting at Super Committee," Patrick Hynes is releasing a memo to interested parties in Washington, D.C. today that advocates outreach via social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to the 12 members of the so-called 'Super Committee' tasked with identifying the spending cuts mandated by the recently-passed Budget Control Act.

Throughout the negotiation process, the Super Committee will be sequestered in a manner similar to a jury, which could interfere with members' accessibility to traditional lobbying and constituent contact efforts.  Social media platforms provide a simple and direct way to get issues in front of committee members and top staffers.  Social network contact information for each of the 12 Super Committee members is included in the memo.

Click here to download the memo from Patrick Hynes.

Click here to read the Roll Call article.

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