National Empowerment Center - Hearing Voices Network USA: Website Launched on International Hearing Voices Day

The Hearing Voices Network USA Launches Website!
We are pleased to announce that – in honor of World Hearing Voices Day – the Hearing Voices Network USA has chosen today, Wednesday, September 14th 2011 to officially launch our website at  We are joining countries across the world - including Australia, Greece, England, Wales, Denmark, the Netherlands and more – in finding a way to recognize this important date and celebrating the diversity of our human experiences.
While we’ll be working hard to continue to grow the website, there’s already a wealth of information about Hearing Voices USA, resources and links to other websites to explore, so be sure to check it out and help us spread the word!
What is World Hearing Voices Day? 
From the Intervoice Website (  World Hearing Voices Day celebrates hearing voices as part of the diversity of human experience, increasing awareness of the fact that you can hear voices and be healthy. It challenges the negative attitudes towards people who hear voices and the incorrect assumption that hearing voices, in itself, is a sign of illness.
And Don’t Forget to Join the Hearing Voices Network USA on Facebook, too…
In addition to the new Hearing Voices USA website, we’ve also found a home on Facebook so come join us there as well and take part in making the Hearing Voices USA Facebook page an informative and interesting place to be! Click here to join the Hearing Voices Network USA on Facebook.