NHDP - Hypocrisy Alert: Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien and Republican Deputy House Speaker Pam Tucker

Concord, NH - During today's session, Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien and his Deputy Pam Tucker introduced a bill to create a committee to review the Local Government Center with "the same investigative powers as the general court." [Bill Text] But just twelve months ago, both O'Brien and Tucker voted against giving state government investigative powers in this matter.  [Roll Call][Bill Text]


"Speaker O'Brien must have been taking a page out of the Mitt Romney campaign playbook," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "He is now co-sponsoring legislation that previously he voted against.  Despite this flip-flop, Speaker O'Brien has been incredibly consistent with one message to the people of New Hampshire, that he cannot be trusted."


"The situation with the Local Government Center is a serious issue, and involves millions of dollars of taxpayer money," continued Kirstein.  "But the reasoning behind this legislation is at best unclear and appears to a publicity stunt more than anything.  It sets an unrealistic deadline for the new committee it creates to issue a report.  If O'Brien and Tucker want a do-over, they should be apologizing to voters not introducing redundant bills 12 months late."