CEI Daily - Climate Reality and Amazon


Climate Reality

Last night at 8 p.m. EDT, Al Gore's "24 Hours of Climate Reality" project began. Gore is dedicating 24 hours on his television network to educating the public on the "truth" about climate change.


In response to Gore's project, CEI created a short video poking fun at some climate change alarmist "truths" that have been proven false. Read more and watch the video here.






Last week, Amazon reached a compromise with the state of California over sales taxes for online purchases.


Research Associate Jacqueline Otto comments.


"California lawmakers and online retailers have been battling for years. In June, the state enacted a law requiring out-of-state online retailers to collect sales taxes on Californians’ purchases. To avoid the tax collection requirement, Amazon severed ties with its California-based affiliates. The retailer has even been working aggressively behind the scenes on a state ballot initiative to block implementation of the law."