NHGOP Statement on Governor Lynch's Decision not to Run for a Fifth Term

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee released the following statement on Governor John Lynch’s decision not to run for re-election:

"After four terms, Governor Lynch has decided not to run for re-election.  We have had many disagreements along the way as we watched taxes go up and spending balloon.  However, we also recognize that holding public office is a difficult job. And, under the cloud that has been created with the failed policies of Washington and New Hampshire Democrat lawmakers over the past several years, it is also a contentious job to hold. 

"Now is a time to look forward to the real opportunity to have a new leader in the state's highest office that believes in smaller government and bigger freedoms.  The Democrats in New Hampshire created the largest deficit this state has ever seen and then complained about how the Republicans fixed it.  Some of the very Democrats responsible for supporting these bad policies may very well be the ones looking to take Governor Lynch's spot in the Executive Office and we intend to remind the public just where they stood on the more than 100 tax and fee increases, the deficits, the disastrous spending budgets and the attempt to reduce spending made by the current legislature.

"Several very qualified Republicans have expressed an interest in running for this office and we look forward to a spirited and fun debate within our party and with the Democrats." – Jim Foley, Executive Committee Member, Derry Town Chair.