Recent Perry for President Endorsements

From Pawlenty to Perry – Cliff Hurst Endorses Governor Perry for President

Former Pawlenty 2012 Co-Chair and Steering Committee member, Cliff Hurst, announced his support for Governor Rick Perry’s presidential bid today.

“Rick Perry has proven his fiscal conservatism and job creating mettle as the Governor of a state that is home to over 40% of the new jobs created in the entire country since 2009.  That says something to me—it says that he understands the enormous potential of the private sector to get America working again when government keeps spending low, reduces regulation and gets out of the way. I signed on with Governor Pawlenty early and gave my heart and soul to his campaign because I believe that a conservative governor with a proven record will have broad appeal, especially in New Hampshire.  I still 100% do.  That is why I am renewing my dedication to electing a republican to the Oval office in 2012 and that effort begins here and now with my support of Rick Perry for President.”

As a former state co-chair for Gov. Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential campaign and former three-term chairman of the Manchester Republican City Committee, Cliff brings an extensive republican network with him to the Perry campaign.

“Governor Perry’s economic record, his courage to tackle the tough challenges facing our nation and his genuine leadership style make him the only choice for me in the race for the GOP nomination.  I look forward to rolling up my sleeves to make Governor Perry our nominee and welcome my fellow former Tpaw supporters to join me in doing the same,” added Cliff.


Conservative GOP Leader and Businessman Sean Mahoney Endorses Rick Perry

Former New Hampshire Republican National Committeeman and congressional candidate Sean Mahoney endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry today citing Perry’s excellent economic record as Governor of Texas and his proven ability to create a positive climate for job growth.

“When I talk to friends and neighbors across New Hampshire, they share my grave concern over the economic condition of our country and a desire to control the unnecessary and wasteful spending of the Obama Administration.   Rick Perry has proven that he can create an environment, through fair taxation and limited government interference that allows small business men and women to create jobs and prosperity,” said Sean.

Sean joins the growing list of granite state conservatives endorsing Governor Perry’s presidential effort including former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, former Congressman and NH Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas, former GOP Gubernatorial nominee and Health and Human Services Commissioner John Stephen, Deputy Speaker of the House Pam Tucker and House Republican Majority Whip Pete Silva.

“As a small businessman, I know what it takes to create jobs, and so does Rick Perry.   Other candidates seemed to be focused on other issues but Rick Perry is laser focused on putting America back to work again.  At a perilous economic time for our country, Rick Perry is just what the country needs,” Sean added.

Sean Mahoney was a candidate for Congress (CD1) in 2010 and prior to that served as the Republican National Committeeman from New Hampshire.  A successful businessman, Sean is the former owner of Millyard Communications, Inc. of Manchester and former publisher of BusinessNH Magazine.