NH GOP Comments on Judge's Dismissal of Maggie Hassan's Futile Lawsuit

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee released the following statement regarding the dismissal of the lawsuit filed my Maggie Hassan, the State Democratic Party and others against the Speakers Office for the closure of the House Gallery in March, when union workers flooded it to disrupt the process.

“When a Judge calls your lawsuit “moot” and “an exercise in futility” as he throws it out, the political motives of such a lawsuit become clear.  For someone who reportedly wants to run for Governor and be the keeper of the taxpayer dollar, Maggie Hassan certainly showed little restraint in wasting taxpayer money both to defend against the lawsuit on the Speakers office and in the wasting of court time and expenses.

“This lawsuit was nothing more than a headline-grabbing political stunt on the backs of the hardworking New Hampshire citizens who have loudly expressed a desire for fiscal responsibility and restraint.”—Wayne MacDonald, Republican State Committee Chairman.