NHDP - Executive Council Republicans Overreach, Vote to Kill New Hampshire Jobs

Concord, NH - At their Wednesday meeting, three Republicans on the Executive Council voted against awarding four renewable energy contracts that would have created new jobs in New Hampshire.  One-hundred percent of the funding for the contracts would come from a fund created by New Hampshire's Renewable Energy Law.


The law was passed by the state Senate in 2007 with a unanimous 24-0 vote and similar bipartisan support in the House. The Executive Council Republicans Chris Sununu, Ray Wieczorek, and Dan Wheeler voted 3-2 to block the awarding of the grants. 


"For the second time this summer, Republicans on the Executive Council are overreaching and New Hampshire citizens are being hurt as a result," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Similar to their reckless decision on Planned Parenthood, the Executive Council is again trying to ram through the Tea Party extremist agenda instead of doing what is best for New Hampshire."


As part of the Renewable Energy Law, the fund was created to support renewable energy projects which in turn create new Granite State jobs.


"The legislature created it with the intent for the money to go to certain purposes. The Council has a responsibility to review these contracts and make sure the state is getting a good deal, not to act as a super legislature," continued Kirstein. "As a co-sponsor of the law in 2005, Republican Senate President Peter Bragdon should stand up his overreaching colleagues on the council and tell to stop blocking the creation of New Hampshire jobs."


Summaries of the four contracts can be found in the 'Public Utilities Commission' section of the Executive Council Agenda here